#HighFiveFriday to @CoSchedule for Their Recognizable Social Presence

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March 7, 2017
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March 22, 2017

At Onsharp, we love seeing local companies, people, and groups taking part in the latest social media trends. To show our appreciation and love, we choose amazing social media accounts to highlight in our High Five Friday series every other week. These accounts may excel because they used an awesome hashtag, have a stellar online presence, or are really good at interacting with their followers on social.

For this week’s #HighFiveFriday, we’re featuring @CoSchedule! Fargo-based CoSchedule is an editorial calendar created specifically with marketers in mind – their responsive calendar manages social campaigns, blogs, team notes…you name it, CoSchedule has a spot for it. Beyond their accomplishment of transforming online marketing organization, they have an impressive social media following with over 150,000 blog subscribers, and 17.5k followers on twitter. Here’s what makes them stand out:

They Celebrate Office Culture:
CoSchedule consistently high-lights their fun, energetic atmosphere through posts on Instagram. Whether they are sharing behind the scenes bloopers or showcasing a member of their team, their culture content is the perfect blend of professional and entertaining.

They Promote Featured Guests:
If you follow their blog, you may have noticed they like to feature different marketing experts in their content. Whether it’s a Q&A session, a conversational podcast, or integrating an outside perspective in a blog post, they tie in outside sources. This is a great way to increase their network and reach a potentially untapped audience through their featured guest.

Their Use of Mixed Media
CoSchedule mixes different forms of media to keep their audience engaged. They have mastered a balance between gifs, video, and photos, which is no easy feat. By using gifs and videos they catch their audience’s while keeping them entertained!


They Use Customized Imagery for Content
Our social timelines are easily oversaturated throughout the day, so having a recognizable brand is a definite way to step up your social game. CoSchedule does an amazing job of this. When they aren’t using fun gifs in their content, they’re creating a custom look for their posts that are clean, recognizable, and very well done.Their custom images also give additional information about the blog posts, which is another effective way to draw readers in!


Way to go, CoSchedule team! We’re proud of you for your amazing social media presence (and your humor through #OverheardAtCoSchedule). Keep up the good work!

Are you ready to have a social presence as fun as CoSchedule’s? Let us help – all you need to do is contact us today!