#HighFiveFriday to @FargoBrewing for Crafting a Strong Social Presence

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June 2, 2017
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June 30, 2017

At Onsharp, we love seeing local companies, people, and groups taking part in the latest social media trends. To show our appreciation and love, we choose one amazing social media account to highlight in our High Five Friday series. These accounts may excel because they used an awesome hashtag, have a stellar online presence, or are really good at interacting with their followers on social.

This week we’re giving a shout-out to @FargoBrewing for their outstanding social media presence on Twitter. Fargo Brewing Company has a mission to bring craft brewing to the heartland. With a Midwestern work ethic, the company was established in 2010 and has produced some of the best craft beer in the region. Make sure to stop by for a tour of a brewery or try some brews in their taproom at 610 N University Drive in Fargo!

Here’s why we’re saying “Cheers!” to their social strategy:

You Know Where to Find Them.

Fargo Brewing consistently posts what they’re up to in the area, so you know exactly where to find them in the upcoming week! This is a great way to keep the community updated on what’s going on.

They’re Community Focused.

It’s no secret – Fargo Brewing is all about community. They prove this by posting about opportunities to enjoy a good brew, and they give back to the area for several non-profits they’ve collaborated with.

Visualization is a Clear Priority.

Is it just me – or do these pictures make you thirsty? Photography is a strong point for Fargo Brewing and they don’t hide it! Whether they’re introducing a new craft beer or encouraging you to refill your growler, you can tell they value a great product photo.

They Have Refreshing Giveaways for Social Engagement.

Who doesn’t love a free drink every now and then? Fargo Brewing encourages their beer fanatic fans to post photos about their experiences drinking Fargo Brewing Company beer. They then select winners to win a free drink or a growler fill. This is a great way to create engaging social conversations with the community.

Cheers, @FargoBrewing! We’re proud of you for your awesome social presence.

Are you ready to have a social presence as fun as Fargo Brewing’s? Let us help – all you need to do is get in touch with us!