WordPress Plugins to Showcase Your Company’s Manufacturing Safety and Certification

Your manufacturing website should inspire trust, especially the confidence that you can get the job done right. To showcase this, you should focus on the safety and certification page. This webpage is never overlooked by potential clients who want to find out how professional your company really is.

Users make opinions about a website in just 0.05 seconds. To wow them at first glance, consider redesigning your manufacturing safety and certification page using plugins. WordPress plugins are an excellent tool to highlight safety information, show off your certifications and overall impress clients with your level of professionalism.

One of the reasons we love WordPress is because of the variety of plugins available. Let’s go over some plugins that can make your safety and certification page stand out from the crowd.

1. Slider plugin

What for: to display certificate brands across the page

If you have at least a few certifications to demonstrate to clients, the slider plugin is a great choice. Basically, it allows you to add the icons of your certificates so that they display across the page. Instead of burying certifications in a paragraph, the slider plugin can organize them into a pro look.

2. Tabs plugin

What for: to give details about each type of certification

Some clients care about the nitty-gritty of certifications, others not so much. You can nicely present the details of your certifications using the tabs plugin. With it, you can organize each certification into a tab. Clients can click on the tab if they’re interested, but otherwise it folds up and doesn’t overwhelm the page.

3. Button plugin

What for: to download a copy of certification

The button plugin is sweet and simple. But it can give your safety and certification page an attractive call-to-action. We recommend the button plugin for downloading a copy of your company’s certification. This gives your clients extra confidence in you. If interested, they can click the button for a copy.

4. Infographic plugin

What for: to explain safety features by the numbers

Everybody loves statistics. They make concepts easier to understand and visualize. If you have statistics about your safety features – for example, how many sq. ft. were inspected last year, or how many staff members are dedicated to safety – put them on your website. The infographic plugin can help you organize the numbers and make your webpage pop.

5. Features plugin

What for: to show step-by-step safety protocols

The features plugin lets you highlight information in a well-designed box area. To showcase your expertise, you can explain your safety protocols step by step. It’s a great idea if you want to be a leader in safety standards, for example.

6. YouTube gallery plugin

What for: to display YouTube video tours of safety features

Even better, go visual. Clients love getting an inside-look into your company. It’s a good idea to create short video tours of your safety features or manufacturing premises. With the YouTube gallery plugin, you can display these safety videos in a gallery on your webpage.

7. Timeline plugin

What for: to explain new safety/certifications over time

Your company constantly undergoes new safety certifications, decisions and protocols. The timeline plugin can help you demonstrate the most important safety events for your company, generating interest from clients. It’s an alternative way to showcase your expertise.

8. Top stories plugin

What for: to display news articles on your website about safety/certification

Your manufacturing website may also have a news section with articles about safety and certification. You can connect these pages using the top stories plugin, placing the most relevant articles so that they display in a sidebar. With it, your safety and certification page will look even snazzier.

9. Live chat support plugin

What for: to ask questions about safety and certification

Finally, your company may be interested in getting client contact directly from your safety and certification page. The live chat support plugin can appear here to ask clients if they have any questions about safety and certification. You can customize this plugin as you think is most helpful.

Download plugins with care

Ultimately, plugins can give your safety and certification new life. They can help you organize the information in an attractive design, as well as add relevant features.

Remember that you should download WordPress plugins carefully. Only download one if you can verify it’s reliable. Often cyberattacks take advantage of plugin vulnerabilities.

Whatever WordPress plugins you choose, remember that highlighting safety and certification is essential to your brand. Gain the trust of your clients with the handy use of these plugins.

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