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Wicked-Cool Cannabis Apps to Inspire Your Own

Leafly and Weedmaps are staples of the cannabis app market, but what other tools are meeting niche weed needs? As the cannabis market spikes in popularity, we’re seeing lots of innovative apps. Leafly alone has been downloaded 1 million+ times and other apps aren’t far behind.

We’ve put together a list of seven cannabis apps that have won over enthusiasts everywhere. While these cannabis apps are different, they all have a specific focus, great design, friendly user experience and high-quality information. They set the bar high (no pun intended) for new cannabis apps – not to mention they’re simply wicked-cool.

If you’re looking to jump into the cannabis app market, this list is a good starter kit. You’ll get an idea of what’s already available and how developers are targeting specific cannabis user profiles with these inspiring apps.

1. GreenRush

GreenRush is like Uber for weed. This cannabis delivery app is delightfully easy to use and unlike its big competitor Eaze, it’s available beyond California. During pandemic times, GreenRush is an especially useful app to keep on hand.

2. Botana

If you want to grow cannabis, Botana offers GroLogs with tracking tools to help you out. In your GroLog, you can track feeding protocols, growing environment and pest management – as well as add photos for reference.

3. MassRoots

There’s no one type of cannabis and MassRoots sorts out the strains and products for newbie users. You can filter by flavors and effects, search for dispensaries, and read their robust weed-focused news section. They even offer a rewards program with dispensaries called WeedPass.

4. PotBot

PotBot uses peer-reviewed medical journals to customize medical marijuana recommendations according to your symptoms. It lists overviews of strains according to medicinal effects and consumption methods. You’ll also get suggestions for ideal cannabinoid levels and can use their doctor and dispensary finder.

5. Droppy

One of the big questions that cannabis users have is dosage. With Droppy, you can plug in your demographics and symptoms, plus the CBD product you’re using, and you’ll get a recommended dosage (both in mg and drops). You can also track relief and get daily reminders to take your dosage.

6. High There

Weed can be a social event too. High There is a social network designed for fellow enthusiasts. You can connect with other cannabis vendors, experts, and community members. They’ve also got great cultural articles and guides for those interested in getting detailed cannabis know-how.

7. SimLeaf

Virtual cannabis growing? Sign us up. SimLeaf is a learning game where users grow virtual cannabis with realistic environmental conditions. It reflects the actual growing process, while also being fun.

As you develop your own cannabis app, consider the variety of features, designs and target profiles of these top apps. You should also think about your cannabis SEO and messaging. These apps go above and beyond: they’re filling specific weed needs with style.

Have an idea for an out-of-this-world cannabis app? Don’t hesitate to contact our tech team for a consultation.

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