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Why Responsive Design is Everything for Real Estate Companies

Homebuyers now live in an ideal circumstance: Through the internet, they can find their dream home with all the perfect features from the comfort of their couch. With this reality, estate agencies now have more to gain than ever through joining the online market. Despite this, 45% of brokers report that the most significant hurdle their realtors have to leap over is “keeping up” with technology. But what does keeping up with technology mean?

It means realizing that, typically, most internet users access their favorite sites through mobile devices, not desktops or laptops. A website will look completely different (and has to look completely different) on a cellphone compared to how it looks on a computer.

What is responsive design?

The prevalence of users accessing websites on their phones is why responsive design is everything for real estate agencies. Responsive design uses grids and layouts that are flexible and respond to an individual’s device. According to the user’s device, CSS media queries recognize what the website’s assets need to change for the site to look its best.

Before responsive design was made popular, websites would need to be coded individually for each device they were likely to encounter. That was possible before when there were about five ways to access the site, but with more variety in the devices people can choose from, individual coding is no longer practical. A site needs to look entirely different for someone using it on an iPhone X compared to how it looks for someone using an iPhone 7.

Why Responsive Design is Everything for Real Estate Websites

Responsive design is everything for real estate agencies because it ensures that people can see everything they’re looking for, regardless of their device. When websites use responsive design, users are less likely to become frustrated and go to a competitor’s site.

Say, for example, that your website has several dropdown menus that allow individuals to select how many bathrooms they want and how many bedrooms, among other things. Responsive design websites for real estate companies will ensure that the users can access all of the dropdown menus at all times. Sites without responsive design might appear only to have one dropdown menu because the others are offscreen and cannot be accessed. The homebuyer won’t use this site because they can’t get everything that they need from it.

Web design for real estate is more important than ever due to the health concerns of visiting a house in person. Many people are using 360 tours of houses in place of walking through the front door themselves. It’s practically vital to have them on your site, as we explain in our article about 360 tours. In terms of web design for real estate companies and why responsive design is everything for real estate agencies, these 360 tours need to work.

One of the biggest complaints that homebuyers have about real estate websites is that there are neither photos nor 360 tours of the company’s homes. The best website design for real estate is a design that makes these complaints nonexistent, and a 360 tour feature that doesn’t work is just as bad as not having one at all.

You can find a list of other common complaints about real estate sites here, and a majority of these complaints can be traced back to sites not utilizing responsive design.

Onsharp has experience developing responsive design websites for real estate agencies. For example, one of our clients is Duemelands Commercial Real Estate. Their site shows a great example of responsive design, as it will look slightly different depending on your device. If you like what you see and need your site updated to utilize responsive design for your real estate company, you can schedule a free consultation here with one of our team members.

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