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Why Downloadables Are a Good Content Strategy for Your Engineering Website

Downloadables are often overlooked in content strategy. Everybody has a blog and social media channels these days, but few companies are harnessing the power of downloadables.

In essence, a downloadable is exclusive content only available if a user is willing to fill out a short form to “unlock” it. This content is typically a labor of love that takes longer to craft and design. For this reason, it’s not available without downloading first.

Downloadables are an excellent strategy for engineering sites and others who want to highlight their expertise. Overall, downloadables create leads for your engineering website, while also elevating your brand professionalism. Let’s go into detail about how downloadables can enhance your engineering content strategy.

The problem: engineering and IT companies suffer longer sales cycles

One of the challenges with marketing for engineering and IT services is that the sales cycle is long. Potential engineering clients may take up to six weeks to make contact and get more information, before deciding if they will order products/services.

This occurs because engineering companies typically offer long-term solutions that require hefty investment. Clients will exhaust all their options, dig into features and ask every question before committing to a sale.

Generating sales for longer sales cycles can be tricky. It’s hard to know what is actually moving the needle for potential clients to make contact. Consistent blogging and social media posting is a good baseline, as well as other traditional marketing initiatives.

However, with longer cycles, the key to success is often brand trust and client rapport. And when it comes to showcasing the expertise of your engineering brand, downloadables can do just that.

The solution: downloadables for lead-generation and brand expertise

The most immediate benefit of downloadables is lead generation. Users must give some personal information to be able to download the exclusive content. At a minimum, they must add an email. Other information you may request on this form include:

  • Email
  • Name
  • Company
  • Role
  • Website
  • Region
  • A question about their needs

Using this contact information, you can connect with new leads and start building a relationship. This can be useful, as potential clients for engineering products/services often lurk as they explore their options.

At the same time, downloadables also give your brand that luster of expertise. You may strategize to create downloadables such as whitepapers, studies, guides, etc. In this way, potential clients will see you as an industry leader.

Downloadables can make a difference for longer sales cycles like engineering and IT services, where expertise and rapport are big factors in client decision-making.

Final takeaway

Downloadables are a good content strategy for your engineering website. By generating leads and building your expertise, they can help your marketing team strategize during longer sales cycles.

Of course, downloadables are only one part of your engineering content strategy, in addition to blog, social, SEO, etc. You’ll want to craft a strategy unique to your company that centers your brand and makes you stand out from the competition.

Not sure how to build a contact form for downloadable content? Reach out! At Onsharp, we’re ready to lend our expertise. 

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