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Top-Notch Contact Features on Real Estate Apps

With 76% of buyers finding their home on a mobile device, real estate apps have become absolutely essential. In particular, well-designed apps can push potential buyers who are “just browsing” to actually make contact.

To get these ghost users to contact your real estate agents, you’ll need excellent contact features. These days, real estate apps have all sorts of bells and whistles, but often the contact method is left behind. 

Let’s detail how to create top-notch contact features that will get your ghost users reaching out to your agents in no time:

The benefits of getting contact features right

Contact features can make or break customer communication. If getting in touch is confusing or inconvenient, users will move on to another provider. Specifically, contact features can add value to your real estate app in these ways:

  • Get leads
  • Boost conversion rate
  • Improve customer experience
  • Amplify marketing efforts
  • Organize realtor resources

By getting a potential buyer’s info, you’ll be better able to turn the contact into a sale. At the same time, users will be delighted by the features and you can make use of their data to hone your marketing campaigns.

Some key points on contact features

Modernizing your contact form will ensure that your real estate app stays accessible, user-friendly and professional. As you design how potential customers will contact you, keep in mind these pointers:

  • Meet consumer needs: Your contact features should consider your target user. For example, if you’re in a country where WhatsApp is super popular, you should definitely have WhatsApp integration.
  • Think outside the box: Contact forms are often… just meh. Getting creative can make potential buyers more interested in contacting you.
  • Go visual: Visuals including photos, videos and design elements can spark interest and increase the likelihood of potential contact.

By following these tips, you’ll design contact features that actually motivate potential buyers to get in touch.

Examples of top contact features

To inspire you, we’ve put together a list of our favorite contact features from the most popular real estate apps. We hope they’ll give you a sense of what kind of features meet user needs and capture their interest.

1. Direct chat from app (Remax)

Remax has an excellent chat feature. Straight from the listing, potential buyers can start a direct chat with an agent. This is highly convenient for the buyer – and keeps communication centralized for your agency.

2. Video chat and visual tour from app (Redfin)

Redfin chat

Visual runs the world. Redfin has successfully leveraged the user’s desire to see more of the listing by allowing for video chats and visual tours from the app. Potential buyers can video call the agent or schedule a visual tour through an instant booking feature. This is amazing for taking your customer service to the next level and getting more buyer interest.

3. Full agent profile before app messaging (Loopnet)


Loopnet exceeds consumer expectations by giving a full real estate agent profile before the app messaging feature. This gives users the chance to contact via their preferred method. It also highlights the agent’s professional credentials to increase customer confidence.

4. WhatsApp integration in app (Housing)

Housing has a nifty, modern feature. Instead of just in-app chatting, they have WhatsApp integration. For many users, WhatsApp is their preferred contact method. This type of integration makes it easy to keep communication lines open.

Final takeaway

As you create or update your contact form, consider some of these top features. With them, you can encourage potential buyers to get in touch in exactly the manner they want to.

Contact forms aren’t the only key features of a real estate app. You can get the lowdown on favoriting and other real estate tools here.

Not sure how to implement these features yourself? Contact our team at Onsharp for a consultation.

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