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The Future of Farming: 5 Ag-Tech Innovations

Farming is one of mankind’s oldest professions. Throughout the years, the agriculture industry has consistently adapted to improve its efficiency and output. Those efforts have been redoubled as the global population continues to spike towards 8 billion.

But farmers today have a new tool to propel them towards their goals. Technology has revolutionized the way that modern farming is done. Keep reading to find 5 of the biggest ag-tech innovations that are driving the industry forward.

1. Laser Scarecrows

No, this isn’t the name of some new indie band. Farmers today have actually started replacing their traditional scarecrows with a laser-based alternative. Pests such as blackbirds and crows can destroy 75% of crops within 48 hours of their being harvested. But laser scarecrows prevent this from happening.

They work by taking advantage of birds’ sensitivity to the color green. The system features an automated green laser that can shoot up to 600 feet across a field. It startles birds enough to prevent them from destroying any crops. Laser scarecrows are much more effective than traditional ones and should be embraced even more moving forward.

2. Automated Farm Equipment

The entire economy has seen a shift towards automation in recent years. This trend is being felt in the agricultural industry as well. A variety of machines have been devised to remove the human element from certain aspects of the production process.

Some of the most commonly used pieces of automated farm equipment include self-driven tractors and seeders. These are capable of working around the clock in order to produce higher yields in less time than humans would be able to do.

3. Improvements in Crop & Soil Monitoring and Management

We’re living in an era in which data is more accessible and easier to analyze than ever before. In the agricultural industry, this has led to improvements in the management and monitoring of crops and soil.

Farmers are using sensors, drones, satellites, and other tools to collect data about their operations. There are various innovative ag-tech applications that enable growers to generate meaningful insights from the data they collect. Farmers who use these tools should be able to get much more out of their fields moving forward.

4. Automated Quality Control Systems

Technology has enabled farmers to save time in several labor-intensive areas. One of these is the automation of quality control systems. Farmers used to have to check the quality of their crops by hand, which could take quite a long time if they had a large output.

But now farmers can use computerized systems to determine the quality of their harvest without having to inspect it manually. Products like Harvest Quality Vision (HQV) from Croptracker are leading this charge, which has the potential to save farmers significant amounts of time and money.

5. Genome Engineering

The future of farming may lie in our ability to genetically alter crops so that they produce more bountiful, pest-resistant harvests. Companies like Agragene are working towards this. They’re developing technology for hybrid seed production platforms and to build resistance towards damaging types of pests.

Genome engineering is still in its early stages. But as the technology improves, it should help farmers to produce cheaper crops that are more resistant to pests while still retaining their safety to beneficial organisms.

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Ag-tech is here to stay and should only become more prominent in the future. If you’re in the agricultural industry and think that you could be using technology better, then consider reaching out to Onsharp.

We’re experienced at creating impactful apps for agricultural companies. We’d love to do the same for you.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help.

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