Real Estate SEO 101

SEO for real estate is competitive terrain. To reach local customers, it’s important to have an SEO strategy in place. After all, 97% of buyers use the internet for house hunting.

What is real estate SEO?

Getting real estate SEO right is a matter of covering all your bases. Here we’ll discuss tips for building a robust SEO strategy, including technical SEO. Real estate

SEO is the optimization of your online presence in order to reach potential customers looking for the products/services you offer. Of course, real estate SEO can get a little complicated because of the highly local nature of house hunting. For this reason, real estate SEO often focuses on elevating keywords related to local searches and specific addresses.

Why is real estate SEO important?

SEO is essential for any industry, but it’s especially beneficial for real estate. By optimizing your strategy, you’ll directly impact your real estate agency’s business. Some typical results with top real estate SEO include:

  • Higher web ranking
  • Drive more traffic
  • Boost brand reputation
  • Create lead generation engine

In particular, the best real estate SEO can set up your website to consistently generate leads in the long term.

Tips for real estate SEO

As you build your SEO strategy for real estate, here are a few key tips to keep in mind. Remember that SEO should be highly personalized to your offerings, so each of these tips should be considered within your real estate specialty.

1. Win at local keywords

To start, you should bolster your local keywords. This includes all location-based keywords, such as those related to your city and state, or those using the word “near.” For example, you could use the keyword “houses in Des Moines near schools.”

You can also boost local keywords through content about your local area and by including the address of your house listings in the title and introduction.

2. Don’t skip meta

Meta can be a pain to fill out, but it makes a difference to your SEO success. Be sure to include keyword-based URLs, headers, meta descriptions, and image descriptions. This will help elevate your webpage content ranking.

3. Optimize for mobile

76% of buyers used a mobile or tablet device to search for homes. This makes it clear that your website must be optimized for mobile to reach potential customers. Ensure that your site is responsive and uses short-and-sweet headlines and descriptions. The more mobile-friendly, the better.

4. Create killer visual content

SEO isn’t just for text. You can boost your SEO ranking by providing great content of all kinds. Include images, videos, virtual tours, floor plans, etc. in order to wow home hunters.

5. Check out the competition

The best way to get great SEO ideas is by checking out your competition. What type of content are they publishing? Analyze their keywords and what’s working well. You can also use third-party tools such as Ubersuggest to get ideas.

6. Get reviewed on sites

It’s essential to create backlinks and reviews on reputable sites. Start with review platforms such as Yelp and Google Places. You can also think about local links that could boost your brand reputation.

7. Add value with online tools

Real estate websites are no longer just for house hunting. You can add value and enhance your SEO by offering online tools and advanced filters, such as a mortgage calculator, travel time calculator, market analysis, etc. This can increase time on site, which can help uplift your site metrics.

8. Get help with technical SEO

Technical SEO involves setting up the behind-the-scenes of your site. This includes all sorts of key tasks. Work with your site manager to go through our technical SEO checklist and get everything working flawlessly.

Reach out to Onsharp for your SEO needs

Ultimately, you’re in control of your real estate SEO. You can improve your SEO ranking by following these tips above and modernizing your site for home buyers today.

SEO is no easy feat. If you need an extra hand, especially with technical SEO, reach out to the Onsharp team for a personalized consultation.

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