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Passionate Fargo Visionaries Collaborate to Launch Startups at #SWFargo

Last weekend, #TeamOnsharp was proud to be a sponsor for Fargo’s third annual Startup Weekend. If you haven’t heard of it, Startup Weekend is a 54-hour event where developers, designers, marketers, and project managers collaborate to pitch ideas, form teams, and ultimately launch startup businesses.

In case you missed it, check out the conversation surrounding #SWFargo that happened over the weekend on social media.

It all began on Friday night when ideas were pitched, pitches were voted on, and teams were formed.

It begins! @StartupWeekend #SWFargo #SWFargo15 pic.twitter.com/VZmOWYMAWu

— Emerging Prairie (@emergingprairie) March 27, 2015

After teams formed, everyone was excited to get started.

Let #SWFargo begin!!! #simplebeer pic.twitter.com/DsYP8dJ25G

— Brian Pattison (@brianpattison) March 28, 2015

Excited for what this weekend will bring. #SWFargo pic.twitter.com/STnw5M1Nym

— Amanda Booher (@AmandaBooher84) March 28, 2015

Our own Ryan Hatfield even went with stickers to share!

Make sure you find me (the bearded guy) at #SWFargo for stickers! @prairieio@Onsharp, and a #BeardSticker ! pic.twitter.com/UxYwI9A2iT

— Ryan Hatfield (@BeardFromFargo) March 28, 2015

Over the next 54 hours, teams collaborated and worked together on their pitch ideas.

#SWFargo has been an exciting and learning experience! I’m so excited for us to pitch our … https://t.co/avDucmYsuo pic.twitter.com/QruiFVIh4f

— Jake Kohl from Fargo (@therealjakek) March 29, 2015

I have to thank @OnsharpInterns KJ for my inspiration with the logo design this year at #swfargo pic.twitter.com/wDpN4aInVA

— Mike Unser (@OnsharpMike) March 29, 2015

Before you knew it, it was Sunday – time to pitch the business startups to the judges and community.

Final presentations here we come! #swfargo #ebpossible pic.twitter.com/Ki06NI22Py

— Katie Hutton (@KatieMHutton) March 29, 2015

Wisdom. #swfargo @jondahl pic.twitter.com/rgN4v2IVpc

— Greg Tehven (@GregfromFargo) March 29, 2015

Pitches goin down @FargoTheatre ! #SWFargo pic.twitter.com/SdibkXfPkw

— Emerging Prairie (@emergingprairie) March 29, 2015

Many ideas were brought to the table, and the winners were chosen based on the following factors:

  • Business Model: Why will this business be successful?
  • Validation: Did they find that their idea answered a real problem?
  • Execution & Design: Did the team establish a Minimum Viable Product?

First place went to a group with a project called Infynt, an app to track data about children while they’re at daycare. The app eliminates the need for using paper to track diaper changes, sleep patterns, and more.

Second place went to Emerging University, a business that helps college students get the job experience they need during school. And third place went to FieldLeash, a portable dog collar control system that prevents dogs from running away.

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend filled with incredible ideas and teamwork. We’re proud to support our community and Fargo’s commitment to giving individuals the opportunity to grow as entrepreneurs!

What a weekend!!! Here’s our full re-cap of @StartupWeekend Fargo + lovely photos: #SWFargo https://t.co/2GhtfPfZXi pic.twitter.com/YctakQMBsP

— Emerging Prairie (@emergingprairie) March 31, 2015

If you want more details about #SWFargo, get a full recap of everything that went down last weekend here.

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