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Our Holiday Shopping Predictions – How to Prepare Early to Keep Your Customers Jolly

Between COVID-19 fears, high unemployment rates and supply chain breakdowns, this holiday season may be a tough one. To help you adapt your holiday business planning, check out our top trends for holiday shopping in 2020. By preparing early, you may avoid the brunt of seasonal downturns and stay ahead of the competition.

1. 50%+ of customers are buying and browsing on mobile.

Your mobile site should be sleek and streamlined. With 50% of users buying on mobile and 70% browsing on mobile, you’ll need to capture these customers the best you can. Think mobile-first. Ensure that your mobile site – especially your mobile payment system – is updated, functional and, if possible, attractive.

2. Boost your product info and images on digital channels.

This season, shopping may be more digital than ever. Sell your product online with even more gusto. Get creative with product copy and add professional images. You should also anticipate customer shopping habits and questions by providing a gamut of useful information in the product description.

3. Strengthen your click & collect system.

With all sorts of shipping issues due to COVID-19, customers may prefer to pick up their purchase. Your click & collect system – where customers purchase online and then simply stop by to pick it up – should be updated for an uptick in use.

4. Plan amazing pre-Cyber Week promos.

50% of the season’s revenue is completed by Dec. 3rd. Plan a robust pre-Cyber Week in terms of promos, publicity and customer care. Pre-season is the ideal time to convince shoppers to purchase and build loyalty. This is especially key with back-to-school shopping on pause.

5. Sales via social media are increasingly popular.

Once again, mobile and tablet dominate sales via social. Build up your social messaging to capture these social lurkers and make sure the checkout process is as easy – or easier – than your app or website.

6. Sort out of stock and shipping issues whenever possible.

Sometimes stock and shipping issues are unavoidable, such as during a pandemic. However, it’s a good idea to think ahead and consider how you might offer reliable shipping and get those popular out of stock items back on the shelves. Try and find workarounds so that you don’t miss out on holiday revenue.

Nobody knows exactly how this holiday shopping season will go. Our hope is that these six action points will get you in a better position to capture customers and make sales. Cheers!

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