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#OnsharpAsks: What’s Your Favorite Recently Downloaded Mobile App?

We love sharing new ideas and getting feedback from both #TeamOnsharp and our community. That’s why we’ve started #OnsharpAsks. We’ll be posting questions from our Twitter account using the #OnsharpAsks hashtag, as a way to spread ideas and get input.

With Midwest Mobile Summit in Fargo this week, we were inspired for mobile and mobile app development to be the focus of this week’s question. We know there are a lot of choices out there when it comes to downloading mobile apps, and we wanted to know which ones are favorites. To kick off the first-ever #OnsharpAsks question, we asked our team for input.

Here’s what we asked:

#OnsharpAsks: What’s your favorite #mobile app that you’ve recently downloaded? Let us know!

— Onsharp, Inc. (@onsharp) May 19, 2015

Check out the responses we got:

@onsharp I am learning the new Sidekick app from Hubspot.

— Joe Sandin (@joesandin) May 19, 2015

.@onsharp I’m a sucker for good photo editing apps and Layout by @instagram is my new favorite. Clean, easy to use, and free.

— Michael Chambers (@OnsharpMichael) May 19, 2015

@onsharp the Cash app for sure. It eliminates writing checks, going to an ATM for cash, and makes it easy for people to pay you back as well

— Katie Jarvis (@OnsharpKatie) May 19, 2015

@onsharp – I recently started using @TriggerfoxApp I love how it shows news for all my contacts in one place. #OnsharpAsks

— Kirsten Jensen (@OnsharpKirsten) May 20, 2015

@onsharp I recently downloaded the new @Hornbachers app and cant wait to use the weekly coupons and shopping list features!

— Camila Stadum (@OnsharpCamila) May 19, 2015

#Timehop – I love the posts from years passed. It’s fun & useful (content inspiration). https://t.co/vXLCrBIMVP https://t.co/2T4xnxZXIS

— Whitney Nelson (@OnsharpWhitney) May 19, 2015

@onsharp I love the @Spotify app. With the wide variety of playlists it offers, the music helps me stay focused at work. #OnsharpAsks

— Kirsten Knutson (@OnsharpKirstenK) May 19, 2015

If you haven’t already, let us know what your favorite recently downloaded mobile app is. (And don’t forget to download the apps mentioned above if they look like something that would be useful to you.)

Make sure to keep an eye out for #OnsharpAsks questions in the upcoming weeks, and share your ideas and input!

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