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Make the Best First Impression with Your Nonprofit’s Website

First impressions are always important. And for a nonprofit, your online presence might be the only true interaction potential donors have with your organization. A well designed and user-friendly site that engages potential donors, volunteers and decision makers can have a big impact on your success.

Read on to see what you should think about as you consider a new website for your nonprofit, and see how Onsharp can help.

First Impressions Matter

Your website speaks volumes as to who you are and what you represent as an organization. The first impression your website gives people will be etched in their minds as they think about where to donate their time, talent and treasure. Think about it. If potential donors, members, and volunteers are coming to a website that’s outdated, not mobile-friendly, hard to understand and difficult to navigate, what does that say about your organization?

This is why it’s critical to have a professional, user-friendly site. Your website is a place to tell your story. And even if you’re operating on a small or limited budget, you can still afford to create the best first impression for your organization.

Don’t Make it Complicated

Your website doesn’t have to be a big, complex thing. The most important thing to do is pinpoint what you want people to do on your site and make sure that it’s easy for them to do it. Your website can be as simple as one page that’s user-friendly, mobile responsive, modern and professional.

At Onsharp, we’ll help you define your priorities and goals for your website. We’re experts at asking the right questions to identify the right details for your website, such as what you want people to do on your site and where you should focus your efforts. Do you want people to donate? Do you want to build awareness? Do you want to provide education about your cause? What do you want people to ultimately be able to do on your site? Based on your responses, we’ll make a simple plan for your website that’s aligned with your vision and goals.

Let Us Do it For You

We get it. You have an organization to run, and you’re busy doing exactly that – so who has time to create a website? That’s where we come in.

Once we understand your goals for your site, we’ll put together a timeline that works for you. Then you either gather your content and imagery, or we’ll help you write and design it! When we have all the details, we’ll get everything done – from design to development to testing.

We love seeing nonprofits succeed, and we want to help your organization make a great impression on your website. Contact us today to start making your website vision a reality.

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