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Is Building a Cannabis App a Good Investment?

Deciding how to best market, sell, and distribute your cannabis can be a difficult task. In many cases, concerns about customer reach, added value, and operation management might discourage a company from attempting to enter the world of mobile apps. We’re here to tell you first: it’s worth it.

The benefits of investing in the building of a good cannabis grow app far outweigh any potential roadblocks, concerns, or technical difficulties. With the right development team by your side, you can simply watch your sales skyrocket. 

In this article, we’ll review the various ways in which a mobile app can increase productivity, distribution, and market value.

Why Building a Cannabis App is a Good Investment

With the increased tendency for shopping online, many people are searching for a trusted company to provide a weed delivery app and a cannabis strain finder, and many people might even use a dispensary finder app to discover new cannabis production companies.

Here are a few reasons why a mobile app is mutually beneficial for both the producer and consumer:

1. Online Ordering

Online shopping is nothing new to the average consumer, but with most people now both living and working from home, online ordering is experiencing a heightened era. In fact, according to Digital Commerce 360, consumer online spending in the United States increased by 44% in 2020 alone. With online ordering, you can also give your customers the choice of delivery or curbside pickup – contactless ordering and contactless delivery.

2. Take Control of Products

With a mobile app, you will no longer have to pay for online directories. Rather, you can be completely in control of your products in a very direct-to-consumer way. With the ability to get in touch directly with your consumers, you can personalize the whole process, and also save money without throwing so much money at third-party directories.

3. Legality

In many states, ordering cannabis on a mobile app or getting cannabis delivered is perfectly legal. Getting in on this innovative approach to cannabis purchasing is a smart move, as cannabis legality will only continue to expand. Global News Wire even reported that “Legal Marijuana Market Growth is Expanding over 17.8% by 2027.” With an experienced developmental team, your app will be ready for market at a time in which the need for a weed delivery app, a dispensary finder app, and the need for a cannabis strain finder app is in high demand. Get in on the ground floor.

Cannabis App Examples

Proven results are evident in companies like Leafly, Weedmaps, Green Rush, and MassRoots.

  • Leafly: This app is somewhat of a dispensary finder app. It will help you find dispensaries, strains, and products while you decide what to buy, and where.
  • Weedmaps: With this weed delivery app, Weedmaps will help you find products, retailers, and local brands to purchase your cannabis from.
  • GreenRush: This marijuana delivery app will make the buyer experience seamless, and relaxing. Take the stress out of the weed delivery app.
  • MassRoots: This app acts as a cannabis strain finder, a legalization guide, and a platform for cannabis education.

With these leaders in the online industry, you can see how a mobile app can make a cannabis grow app appear both extremely user-friendly and producer-friendly.

Conclusion: Is Building a Cannabis App a Good Investment?

Yes, building an app in any industry, but especially in the cannabis industry, is a wise investment. Whether you are a dispensary wishing to appear on more dispensary finder apps, or a producer looking to provide direct-to-consumer satisfaction, a mobile app can change the way your business works. Get your marijuana delivery app ready to revolutionize the world of weed.

If you’re ready to get your cannabis mobile app up and running, reach out to our team of software development professionals, and get started today.

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