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How to Modernize Contact Forms on Your Real Estate App

Real estate proceedings and transactional work can be confusing or daunting, especially for a potential client. That’s why it’s important to consider how to modernize or refresh not just the functionality and design of your real estate app, but also its specific features.

Contact between client and service provider is especially important when it comes to inviting new customers, fielding important questions, or reaching out to new clients. Modernizing and re-evaluating the way you provide contact information through your real estate app will keep you accessible and professional.

Understand what your consumer needs

Perhaps the best way to ensure that any feature is functional and useful is to consider what a potential customer may want or need to understand your services.

Put yourself in their shoes. Imagine having no background knowledge or understanding of the services that your real estate app can provide. In the case of a contact form, imagine what may bring a user to the page – might they have a question to ask? Should they use your contact form as the primary means of initiating contact with you? What sort of things would you like to know about your client?

Part of understanding what your consumer needs is understanding what existing flaws might exist in your mobile app, or on your existing contact forms in this case.

Be sure to thoroughly test and try out any new features you consider adding to any part of your app. Functionality and usability are important things that users universally look for when using any web platform.

Consider a less conventional layout

When we think of contact forms on mobile apps or on websites, we often think of the same generic layout and organization: a page with a blank box and some fields to insert contact information.

However, when modernizing, you might want to consider how to enhance the contact experience. You might add space for your customer to contact different individuals, departments, etc. within the app. Perhaps you add a feature that allows users to select their specific goal – i.e., “inquire about appraising,” or “schedule a meeting,” or “book a tour now.”

The best and most thorough contact forms might be those that use different features to provide customers with the contact information they need. Contact forms have a low conversion rate (the amount of visitors that achieve a desired goal on your website) of only 1%. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when you choose what to offer!

Don’t forget about design

Though the primary goal of your contact page or form is to facilitate conversation between user and business, it’s important to remember that the way your contact forms look should still mimic the professional design or atmosphere implemented elsewhere on the app.

Don’t be afraid to consider adding visuals. Keep things simplistic and neat; over-cluttered or complicated pages can be confusing and discourage a user from using your contact form or other services.

Here at Onsharp, we’re familiar with the challenges that accompany any part of web or app design, including features like contact forms or pages. Check out examples of our work on real estate projects here to see more!

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