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How Bill Alerts Can Elevate Your Utility App

The market’s desire for robust utility apps is growing. More and more customers are finding value in accessing their utility accounts from the palm of their hands. Smart utility companies are rushing to embrace this trend. Yours should be, too.

App-based bill alerts are one of the best ways to accomplish this. They’re a feature that customers crave and one that can boost your business’ bottom line. Continue reading to learn why your utility company should elevate its mobile offerings with the power of bill alerts.

Why Bill Alerts Matter to Customers

Life is complicated. The best mobile apps provide their users with tools that make it easier. This is exactly what app-based bill alerts accomplish. They give your customers a helpful reminder of the money they owe your company. With this information, your customers can plan their budgets more effectively and make smarter choices about managing their competing bill obligations.

Mobile bill alerts are much more convenient than bill reminders sent via email, through online accounts, and in the mail. They deliver the information your customers want in a highly direct way. When coupled with mobile payments and well-designed auto-pay features, mobile bill alerts become even more valuable to consumers.

Why Bill Alerts Matter to Utility Companies

It’s clear why customers care about mobile bill alerts. However, you may be wondering why that should matter to your utility company. There are a few key reasons why you should care.

First, including helpful tools like bill alerts in your app can build brand loyalty. If you go above and beyond to give your customers what they want, you’ll find that they’ll start trusting your company more. This makes them more likely to choose your utility company over their other options, which is highly valuable to your bottom line.

Recent data collected by Brand Keys found that an increase of just 7% in the average customer’s brand loyalty can increase the lifetime profits your company receives from those customers by 85%. Spread these results across your entire customer base and you’ll quickly see why improving your brand loyalty should be a priority.

Bill alerts can also have a more direct effect on your company’s bottom line. They keep the money you’re owed at the top of a customer’s mind. This makes it more likely that you receive bill payments on time and in full. You also won’t come across as pushy, since most bill alerts are opt-in.

Collectively, these benefits should make adding bill alerts to your utility app a no-brainer. They provide real value to your customers while also boosting your company’s bottom line. Given everything you can gain from adding bill alerts to your app, why wouldn’t you do so?

Build Better Bill Alerts with Onsharp

Onsharp has extensive experience with helping companies design and implement app-based payment systems. We’re happy to tell you more about how you can impact your bottom line and increase brand loyalty with a new app-based bill alert system. Consider reaching out to us when you’re ready to get started. Doing so is as easy as filling out this simple online form.

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