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Creating a Great Business Website: DIY vs. Professional Web Development

As a business owner trying to grow your online presence, one of the most critical decisions you will grapple with is how to go about developing your website. 

Will you keep it simple with DIY platforms like Wix or Squarespace? Or will you invest in professional web development? 

This is an important decision. After all, your website serves as a virtual storefront, reflecting your brand’s image and playing a pivotal role in driving the success of your business. 

In this candid conversation between Clay and Joe, they highlight some of the essential considerations and potential drawbacks of choosing the DIY route for website development. 

The Hurdles of DIY Website Building: Potential Pitfalls

Launching into website development with platforms like Wix or Squarespace can feel like stepping into the wilderness without a compass. You’re confronted with every decision about the design, layout, and programming, much like spearheading a full-scale landscaping project at your home without professional guidance. 

Creating a business website is similar to assembling a complex jigsaw puzzle with numerous intricate pieces. For the uninitiated, understanding these elements can be daunting. To navigate this labyrinth, it’s crucial to make informed decisions right from the start of the project. 

As your journey in website creation unfolds, you’re bound to stumble upon technical glitches, unexpected issues, and perplexing questions. With DIY providers, you might find yourself stranded on a lonely island with little to no support to help untangle these snags. 

If your website crashes or an adjustment that should be easy just isn’t working, you’re left trying to troubleshoot things on your own. 

Limited Customization and Flexibility: The Creative Constraints

While DIY platforms provide a variety of themes and templates for customization, they may fall short when you have a very specific vision in mind. Your creative wings may feel clipped once you see that you have very limited flexibility. 

The truth is the needs of your business today may not align with your future requirements. As your business unfolds and evolves, your website needs to echo this progression. You may outgrow the functionalities offered by the DIY platform, leaving you anchored with a website that no longer caters to your needs. 

The Obstacles of Shifting Platforms

Disentangling from a DIY platform can prove to be as challenging as climbing a steep hill. These platforms are not designed to make the transition to another provider easy. It’s in their best interest to keep you tied to their services. It’s much like constructing your house on rented land – at a certain point, you may need to start over from scratch, rendering your initial investment futile. 

Professional Web Development: A Worthy Investment?

On the flip side, using a professional web development company like Onsharp paints a different picture. With an expert team on your side, you’re never alone in the decision-making process. From the design to the programming, you’re supported with guidance and support every step of the journey. 

Engaging a developer who uses a standardized platform opens up a universe of possibilities for customization and flexibility. Whether you require plugins or even custom code, a professional can tailor your website to precisely fit your needs. 

In the event of technical glitches, you have a responsive support team on standby to help steer you back on track. Partnering with a local company like Onsharp ensures you receive a level of service that a national provider may not be able to match. 

Deciding Your First Step

Before embarking on your website development voyage, invest time in conducting thorough research. Understand your needs and visualize the kind of website you intend to build. Once armed with this knowledge, engage with a trusted partner that carries the expertise and experience in crafting websites for diverse business scenarios. 

Onsharp has a track record of over 20 years in the web development industry, having built hundreds of websites across various sectors. You can explore our website and start a conversation to understand more. Remember, building a website is a significant investment. so make sure you’re making an informed decision. 

Are you looking to work with a website development team? Learn more about our website development services.

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