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Apple launches Shared iPad for Business. We’ve Got the Skinny.

One user per device just doesn’t cut it anymore. With Shared iPad for Business, multiple users can share an iPad, while also experiencing personalized settings.

There are 360 million iPads out in the world. Use your iPads like a boss with this great new feature. Today we’ve got the skinny on Shared iPad for Business – plus a resource on 5 cool ways a shared iPad can help your business.

All your employees can sign in with their Managed Apple IDs.

Your company can create a fleet of iPads shared among your employees. Each employee can sign in with a Managed Apple ID, which is different from a regular Apple ID because it’s not tied to a device.

If you’re a store manager, for example, the same five iPads can be used by 10 employees to attract customers or make sales during morning/afternoon work shifts. The best part? The company can manage these accounts across all their devices.

Saved personalized settings mean better cross-company collaboration.

Each Managed Apple ID has personalized settings. Once logged in, employees will see their individual data, files, apps, photos, resources, etc. This is great for keeping work-related mail and sales separate, or even assigning different access levels.

Apple even supports iCloud Drive Folder Sharing, so employees can collaborate, and push notifications so that managers can send out key company-wide news. In addition, your company can go ‘appy’ with shared iPads and download all the tools your employees may need.

With these personalized settings, employees can track their goals and communicate with their teams without needing separate devices.

And if others need to sign in… guest login is available.

Another great feature of Shared iPad for Business is having guest login for users during temporary sessions. This could be used for visiting supervisors or guest customers for certain promotions. All data is wiped once the user logs out.

If you’re planning on using Shared iPad for Business, you might need a customized app for your employees or customers. (For example, an app to track sales, get customer information or create surveys.) You might even want to add some modern mobile app technologies to spice it up! Contact your tech team – or Onsharp – to talk about the possibilities.

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