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A Toolbox for Capturing New Clients Via Your Construction App

According to a recent study, Americans are spending more time on mobile internet and less time accessing the internet on their desktops and laptop than ever before. Intelligent companies are already responding to this shift. Many have begun investing more on mobile apps to capture their audience where they are.

Your construction app should do the same. With the right design, you can even leverage your investment in a mobile app to earn new clients. Keep reading to learn how.

Start By Expanding Your App’s Audience

Your path to new clients starts with getting more people to use your app. It’s simple math. If you put your product in front of more users, then you have more chances to earn new business. Achieving this isn’t always easy. However, you can make real progress towards a bigger user base by turning your construction app into a tool that your target audience needs.

For example, maybe you’re seeking clients who want to add an addition to their home. To attract this target audience, your app could feature a cost calculator for that kind of work. Once you get these users into your ecosystem, you can begin pitching your products in ways that resonate.

Onsharp has firsthand experience with this kind of work. We recently developed a mobile app for the American Crystal Sugar Company. Part of that involved creating an agricultural calculator that made it easier for farmers to do their jobs. Doing something similar with your construction app could be just what you need to start capturing near clients.

Keep Your Audience Engaged by Optimizing Your App’s User Experience

Even the best tools are worthless if they’re laggy, incomprehensible, or difficult to use. That’s why it’s so important that your construction app nails user experience. Doing so could be the difference between earning a new client or having a user delete your app in frustration.

Building an excellent user experience starts with the right design and layout. It should be incredibly easy for users to identify what they need and get to it in just a few taps. If you’re not sure how to do this, gather some data. Heat-mapping can be a highly effective way to determine which parts of your app your users value the most.

Convert Your New Users Into Paying Clients

If your app is both useful and easy to use, your audience will begin growing in no time. Your next job is to convert those users into paying clients. The key to accomplishing this is including subtle calls to action throughout your application.

You don’t want to dominate your users’ experience with calls to action. Doing so may cause them to ditch your construction app in favor of another one. Instead, sprinkle subtle reminders about who your company is and what it does throughout your application.

These don’t need to be complicated. Yours might be as simple as saying, “visit our website to learn how we can help”. Or, maybe you’ll offer a discount to app users that will convince them to purchase your service.

It’s also beneficial to let users take the first step towards becoming a client right on your application. You want to make the onboarding process as easy as possible. Any delays in that experience could cause a user to lose interest or go somewhere else with their business.

Onsharp Can Help You Do It

If you’d like to start leveraging your mobile app to earn new clients, consider contacting Onsharp. We have extensive experience with helping construction companies optimize their mobile and web offerings. With our help, you can begin expanding your user base and converting those users into paying clients in no time.

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