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8 Ways to Save Time and Money Hiring At Your Dispensary

The cannabis industry is exploding with opportunity, and as stores hustle to fill roles and expand their operations to new locations – the task of hiring and onboarding the right person for the job can feel overwhelming.

Luckily, we are here to share 8 helpful ways dispensary owners can save time and money while on the quest to hire new staff for their store. Let’s dig in.

1. Know Who to Hire for The Job

At a dispensary, there are several key roles that need to be filled in order to run a compliant and smooth operation. Before you start looking to expand your store, take a step back and consider who you need to build the perfect dispensary team.

From budtenders to compliance officers, legal counsel, and inventory managers – there are a plethora of key roles and players that will help you thrive, and knowing your operational structure, and goals is the first place to start.

2. Streamline the Interview Process

human capital management strategy that incorporates careful interview and hiring practices is vital to the success of any cannabis dispensary.

Conducting strategic, careful job interviews is an essential skill to master. And should be approached from an angle that allows you to really understand the candidate in-depth – but how do you keep track of all of these details?

Some modern ATS systems offer a technology called ATS Interviews. This software helps you keep track of candidates interviews’ by customizing interview questions and keeping track of candidates’ responses right within your ATS system. Choose from templates and numerical systems to simplify the process, and easily track and store candidate responses.

3. Hack Where to Find Great Hires

When you are faced with the task of hiring a lot of people fast, it can be hard to know where to start. But if you are looking for hires in the right place – with some luck they will come to you.

You don’t just run any type of business, you run a cannabusiness.

Cannabusinesses speak to a specific demographic, so during recruiting it makes sense to ponder where your dream hires hang out and consider listing job placements based on that information. A quick search of the web uncovers some job websites that will be specific to your industry or job posting. Consider checking out websites like weednextdoor.com that are specific to cannabusiness job postings. And in that same breath…

4. Create an Employee Referral Program

If you already have some great team members working at your store – that is not something to be taken lightly! There is no better way to find ‘A’ players than through the praises of other ‘A’ players. so entice existing top hires to expand your team with an employee referral program.

Offer rewards for every recommended hire you bring on board. An added bonus to this method is that your current employees get to work with their friends, and that is great for employee morale. Finding great hires through word of mouth works great every time.

5. Invest in Self-Onboarding Solutions

Hiring new people is a time-consuming process, but onboarding them doesn’t have to be. Using Dispensary HR software that offers employee self-onboarding functionality will not only help with first impressions but will also help create an efficient system for onboarding.

Dispensary HR software that offers self-onboarding helps make it easy to transition new hires onto the team. Web-based onboarding and software free up valuable time for the fun stuff, like the hands-on training and diving into the heart of the team culture. And speaking of great onboarding…

6. Build an Employee Training Guide

If you want to streamline your onboarding process and save money via higher retention rates, then you need to create and implement an employee training guide! An employee training guide is a book created by management that helps train employees for their position using a step-by-step process for each task they are in charge of.

Guides, or manuals, should include relevant step-by-step instruction for each task the position must accomplish, but can also include other relevant information like resources, company goals, or culture.

In a nutshell, an employee training guide should help set your new hire up for success, and clearly share expectations and roles.
To check out a dispensary employee training guide, check out this article!

7. Track and Measure Employee KPI’s

Congratulations, you have hired, interviewed, referenced, onboarded, and integrated your newest team member – and with any luck, if you followed these steps they are going to be doing a great job – but the battle isn’t over yet. The next thing managers and business owners need to consider is how to keep great talent.

The best way to ensure employees are happy and satisfied at work is to set achievable KPIs that you measure together. Employee KPI’s measure an employee’s performance against set and agreed-upon targets.

Using a Dispensary HR system that allows you to track and share employee KPI’s with your staff will ensure that employees know what is expected of them, and can achieve those targets. Thus experiencing job satisfaction.

8. Leveraging Automated and Integrated Technology

Leveraging automated and integrated technology in your dispensary can help save dispensary owners from working on monotonous and repetitive tasks. Plus it can help to streamline your operations, making all processes faster and more efficient.

Automated technology allows you to focus on doing productive work while eliminating the need for manual control over repetitive tasks.

For example: Automating your time clocks will save you from paying for unworked hours. Automating your schedules will help you make smarter scheduling decisions, and automating your payroll calculations, or streamlining staff-approved hours to payroll, will save you thousands of hours when running payroll.

Integrating software is a powerful way to save time and money by having data at hand. And by using an end-to-end solution that starts with HR solutions, and integrates all the way through to your payroll and POS provider, you are able to pay, and keep track of staff hours and taxes all from one easy to use dispensary software platform.


Hiring for a dispensary is tough, but with a keen understanding of how to leverage technology to run your operation, it doesn’t have to be!

KayaPush offers integrated HR, employee management, and dispensary payroll solutions that integrate with leading dispensary POS systems, providing insights like never before.

If you want to streamline your operations, and make people management easy, start your free trial with them today.

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