5 Ways to Increase Your Site’s SEO Right Now

Your company built its website to increase its revenue. But the only way you’ll be able to accomplish those goals is if enough people visit the site. That’s what makes search engine optimization (SEO) so important.

Increasing your website’s SEO will put your products or services in front of more eyeballs by making them appear earlier in search engine results for specific keywords. This is incredibly important, as the top result on Google has a 33% chance of being clicked and 75% of people won’t even visit the second page of their search results.

This means that, in order to leverage your online presence into a more significant income stream, you first need to embrace SEO. Here are five ways you can do that immediately.

1. Publish Relevant Content Often

People search for answers to all kinds of questions on the internet. One of the best ways to boost your web traffic is with quality content that seeks to answer some of the questions that are most common to your industry.

When you create this content, integrate specific keywords into it so that it shows up when your target audience searches for certain terms. You should use the keyword in the page URL, the page title, and in headings and subheadings throughout.

To boost your results even more, update the content that you publish regularly. Search engines view this as one of the most reliable indicators of a site’s reliability and so your content will be pushed higher as a result.

2. Improve Your Page Load Speed

Website functionality may not be the first thing you think of when you think about SEO. But web pages that take too long to load are viewed negatively by Google’s algorithm. It’ll also negatively influence how site visitors interact with your web pages, which itself will harm your SEO rankings.

If you need help with improving the technical prowess of your website, consider contacting Onsharp to learn how we can help. We have an extensive background in website redesigns and can implement any technical fixes that are required to solve your SEO problems.

3. Use Outbound Links Often

When you cite a fact or make a claim while producing web content, it’s essential that you back up what you say with an outbound link to an authoritative source. Search engine algorithms regularly look for indications like these that give them some sense of how reliable a website is.

If you don’t use outbound links yet, now is the time to start.

4. Get Serious About the Images You Use

If you haven’t put much thought into the types of images that your website currently uses, now is the time to start. Adding things like dynamic video backgrounds and high-quality images can have a huge impact on your SEO rankings.

Obviously, you want to use images that will entice a web user to visit your site. But you also need to optimize the formatting, size, and file type of the images that you use. You can also use images to sneak in additional keywords that contribute to the overall SEO rankings of your website.

5. If You Haven’t Already, Start Blogging

Blogging will accomplish a few highly valuable things for your website. It’s an excellent way to generate leads and to engage with your customers. But it can also do wonders for your website’s SEO rankings.

You can use them to create a group of faithful readers who visit your site often. This can significantly boost the traffic that you receive, which could skyrocket your search engine rankings.

Blog posts are also an excellent place to target new keywords that you’d like to rank for. For example, maybe you run a manufacturing company and you’re looking to hire. You might want to start ranking for the keyword “manufacturing jobs in Minneapolis”. One of the best ways to achieve that goal is by creating a blog post that uses that keyword phrase in the title, in its headings, and throughout the piece.

This process can be repeated as often as you want and for as many different keywords as you want. All the while, you’ll build your readership and improve your search engine rankings while also marketing your products and services to new potential clients.

Contact Onsharp to Improve Your SEO Even More

Search engine optimization is a complicated thing. We’ve shown you just a few of the ways that you can begin improving your website’s SEO rankings. But it will be difficult to get as much out of your site’s SEO as possible without professional assistance.

To really take your SEO to the next level, consider contacting Onsharp. We have a long history of helping companies like yours enhance their online presence. We’d love to do the same for you.

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