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5 Out-of-This-World Apps for Nature Lovers

While many of us nature lovers may feel a gut-reaction against rapidly changing technology, agriculture and tech go hand-in-hand. Both farmers and nature lovers alike can greatly benefit from mobile technological advancement.

For example, in 2018, a coalition of farming organizations created a $500-million effort program that will help small-scale farmers struggling with hunger and rural development by gathering crucial data on their farms. This program will run through 2030. This is just one example of advancement that is only possible because of technological progress made in just the last few decades alone.

If you are interested in improving your agricultural business and connecting to nature in new and exciting ways, continue reading about five more incredible applications that can immensely benefit you.

1. AgFuse - The Best Way to Connect with Other Farmers

If you have found yourself wanting to connect with other farmers and agricultural workers, but Facebook and other social media platforms have not met your expectations, then AgFuse may be your ideal alternative. AgFuse is a dedicated social media platform for farmers, and its community exceeds 5,000 members with more agricultural professionals joining every day.

As a member of AgFuse, you can share resources about your farms with others, become involved in networking and finding a support group, and advertise events. It is also possible to ask other agricultural experts for solutions to any problems you have on your farm, or vice versa, in which you can share your experiences with how you solved a particular issue.

Along with AgFuse’s feature articles and giving you freedom in customizing your articles based on specific farming needs, this social media platform may provide bountiful opportunities for those interested in farming.

Lastly, the site’s flexibility allows users to create content about their interests, potentially resulting in reaching an audience of like-minded peers, forming the basis of a wonderful community. AgFuse can also help with social networking for farmers in India and other parts of the world.

2. iNaturalist - Help Identify Invasive Species

iNaturalist is the combined effort of the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society. Their goal is to create a website and application that allows anyone to record observations in nature and share their findings with other naturalists.

Currently, the website’s community has over 750,000 scientists and nature lovers who are all willing to help anyone with nature-related questions. iNaturalist’s species identification technology can help you record plant species that you notice and send your results to professionals. They can then discuss your findings and use them for research purposes.

The website’s technology is helpful for farmers identifying potential invasive species and invasive plants on their farmland. Furthermore, you can network with other naturalists and build your knowledge about specific natural phenomena, thus learning all about the flora and fauna in your area!

iNaturalist is available on Google Play and the App Store for free. You can also record your observations without internet or cell reception.

3. FarmHand App - Easily Connect to Farm Workers

In 2014, the number of immigrants arriving in the United States seeking farmwork dropped by 75%. As such, it has become more difficult for farm owners to find workers. The FarmHand App was developed to make the process much easier. The app allows users to connect with job-seekers instead of relying on local job postings or other inefficient methods.

Job-seekers can create profiles on FarmHand App, which shows reviews and ratings. Furthermore, local workers can list their previous experience and other qualifications. For farm owners, they can post farm jobs on the job board and receive applications from any interested farm hands.

As an added quality of life feature, job seekers have free access to the job board. The different kinds of jobs available include general farm labor, trucking, and machinery operator to name a few. Lastly, farm hands can easily browse through jobs posted in their area and apply for them.

If you are curious about adding a job searching feature on your website, then Onsharp’s client, American Crystal Sugar Company, may prove to be a good example. Their website includes a section on careers and opportunities. Under this section, job-seekers can find pages on job opportunities and learn more about pay and benefits.

4. Farm Land Finder - Find Investors for your Property

Finding investors while working on your farm can be tiresome work. As such, Farmland Finder focuses its services on helping farmers find qualified financial partners. The website is an investment platform that prides itself on letting farmers focus on their work while FarmlandFinder focuses on choosing the best investors.

The process of finding a partner is divided into three simple steps. Farmers apply for a sale-leaseback, then FarmlandFinder finds an investor, and finally, users can focus on their work while the investment deal happens in the background.

Many people may invest in farm lands for different reasons. For example, Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda Gates, rank as America’s largest private farmland owners. Their foundation also has a farmland initiative, called Gates Ag One. The goal of their foundation is to use their research and help smallholder farmers adapt to climate change, improve food production, and create an overall sustainable business model for their farms.

5. Climate Fieldview - Derive Accurate Analytics for Crops

If you want to monitor your crops’ health, then Climate Fieldview may provide much-needed assistance and advanced analytics. If you want to invest in their Field View Drive, which costs $250, then you can see your field maps in real-time.

Other features include crop performance analysis, yield data and testing results, and fertility goals. You could also pay for an annual subscription of $99 per year and get even more accurate results.

Onsharp previously discussed the benefits of analytics for your farm, concluding that it is helpful in maximizing your profits.

Conclusion: 5 Out-of-This-World Apps for Nature Lovers

Whether you are a farmer by trade, or you simply love nature and plant life, these apps are sure to have some of the fun features that you’re looking for.

Have an idea for your own site? If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, starting your own app isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Click here to review how other agricultural businesses designed their web pages.

As always, Onsharp is more than welcome to provide a free consulting service regarding choosing the best apps for your food and agriculture business or advice on making your own website.

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