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5 of the Best Resources for Free Stock Photography

In today’s visual age, sharing images is a great way to expand your reach and promote your brand. But it can be hard to find high-resolution, high-quality images that are free for personal or commercial use. While it’s important that the image you choose will uphold the integrity of your brand, it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. I’ve included five of my personal favorite stock photography websites that consist of stunning images – free for you to use.

  1. Unsplash – With ten new photos added every ten days, you can search a database of images that are free to do whatever you want with – edit, copy, and distribute. And without attribution to the photographer or the site.
  1. Death To Stock – Beautiful photos with a tale to tell delivered right to your inbox every month. You never know what you’ll get, which, if you ask me makes it all the more fun. Sometimes the photos captured come close to home, too.
  1. Pexels – Not exactly sure what you’re looking for? Let Pexels be your guide with their “categories” feature. Scour their database for food, sport, tech, or even mockups to find that perfect photo.
  1. Pixabay – With a massive selection of photos to choose from, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for on Pixabay. You can also search by media type for vector graphics, illustrations, and videos for whatever your project entails.
  1. Creative Commons – Creative Commons allows you to search a multiple websites that are royalty free all at once. From Google Images to SpinXpress, it’s got you covered.

You’ve got the tools – now what? Go and create beautiful images for your digital marketing projects, people. Not sure how? Let us know. We can help get you started and you can take it from there.

This blog was written by Katie Hashbarger, former Digital Marketing Design Specialist at Onsharp in September of 2015. Updates were made in December of 2016. 

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