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3D Virtual Tours Are a Must-Have for Your Real Estate Website

Your real estate website must be stellar. With 44% of homebuyers starting their search online, you’ll need to pique their interest. If you already have basic functionalities covered, we recommend going for the wow factor: the 3D virtual tour.

Matterport.com virtual tour image of main floor of house.
(Source: Matterport.com)

What is a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is a 3D re-creation of the property. Typically, a smartphone camera is used to take panoramic shots, which are then integrated into a digital model that can be explored by users. Think Google Map’s Street View – but for homes!

Why are virtual tours effective?

We live in a digital world. The more visuals, whether photos, videos, etc., the better. This is especially true for younger generations who spend more time doing online research before purchasing.

Your website should already have great visuals. (If not, we highly recommend a design make-over to show off the look and feel of your properties.) The virtual tour simply takes images to the next level. Ideally, the virtual tour would be branded to your real estate company and specific needs.

What are other benefits of a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is hugely effective for giving clients the sensory experience of an in-person visit. With a virtual tour, you can explore the space, view floor plans, measure areas, and ask questions. It’s a wealth of information for potential clients.

You can even add annotations to the virtual tour that users can click on to receive a fun fact or more information. This mirrors the in-person tour, but also makes it more personalized.

As a real estate agency, you’ll also be able to reach more viewers, so that those who decide to set up an in-person tour already have high interest. This will save your agents time and ensure their resources are being correctly allocated.

Finally, a virtual tour could be a differentiator for your real estate company. These days, real estate websites are packed with features – mortgage calculators, map picker, real-time messaging. A virtual tour could put your brand on top of competitions, especially if it’s mobile-responsive.

What other visual features should a real estate website have?

If you’re looking for other ways to boost the visuals on your real estate website, here are a few pointers:

  • Add professionally-taken photographs for properties.
  • Do “livestreams” of home tours.
  • Have beautifully branded websites (check out some inspiration here).

At the end of the day, your website visuals should be spectacular. A professional, branded 3D virtual tour feature is just one key part.

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