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3 Examples of Fantastic 404 Pages

No one likes searching for information on a website, only to run into a page that doesn’t exist. It’s the end of the line for most user interaction with your website since visitors consider this a chip at your credibility. Is there a way to make 404 pages—dare we say it—not boring? Check out these 3 examples of fantastic 404 error pages.

Heartbreakingly Good

Hubspot 404 Page

“Even the things we love break sometimes” is a great way for Hubspot to bring some life to this hiccup. This page works because it’s branded, meaning it contains all the things that makes Hubspot recognizable to the public. The only thing we’d suggest changing is making the orange of the heart match their branded peach color. However, their bulleted list keeps the website flow alive by directing visitors to other locations on their website.

Vacation Mode: On

CoSchedule 404 Page

In addition to the typical “404 Page Not Found” message, CoSchedule added a fun, laid-back element; they included a GIF of the 2002 family-friendly film, Snow Dogs, in which the team is relaxing on a beach in lounge chairs while wearing sunglasses. By adding the phrase, “Looks like this page went on vacation” underneath the GIF ties the whole theme together. They also prompt visitors to navigate to their homepage or their blog as well.

In the Holiday Spirit

Onsharp 404 Page

We like being festive at Onsharp, and we wanted to spruce up our 404 page with some timely humor. Our heading color, Onsharp orange, follows our brand standards in addition to the fonts we chose. The GIF we chose features Dwight Schrute, arguably the most beloved and strangest character from NBC’s The Office, with a carved Halloween pumpkin stuck on his head as he looks into the camera. We list 4 pages to navigate to on our site, including our blogservice pagesnewsletter subscription page, and our homepage.

Disclaimer: We will never call you a pumpkin-head to your face.

In Conclusion: Why Your 404 Page Matters

The three examples above have fantastic 404 page because they include:
  • Links to other pages on your site
  • A fun or branded graphic, gif, or image
  • Brand-approved font and colors
Having this error page on your website seems silly, but it’s really important for your website and company; it’s good for your SEO, user experience, and website metrics. A custom 404 page will help keep your users engaged with your site and brand, reduce bounce rate by directing users to different internal pages, and could get your free publicity if people really like it. When someone runs into a 404 page, they’re basically trying to find a page that doesn’t exist at that URL on your website, but your server will know to show them this page when that happens. At this point, you have the option to redirect your 404 page to your homepage or another internal webpage of your choosing, but this can hurt your SEO and can leave a sour Warheads candy taste in your visitor’s mouth (yuck). Being accountable and poking fun at yourself is a great quality to have as a company, and a branded, fun error page is a tactic authentic companies should embrace.

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