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10 Cream-of-the-Crop Agriculture Websites

Agriculture websites don’t exactly have the best reputation. Many are run by family members who forget to update them. Some even have that cringe-worthy look straight from the early 2000s.

At the same time, agriculture is hugely important, with $1 trillion contributed annually to the U.S. economy. So, what’s the deal with ag’s outdated digital presence?

Top 10 Agriculture Websites

Luckily, not all ag websites follow this trend. In fact, there are some gorgeous new agricultural sites that will inspire you to create or redesign your own. Let’s look at the top 10 agriculture websites that are truly cream-of-the-crop. 

Favorite feature: Digital signage (arrows, buttons, menus, etc.). We’re especially fond of their menu pop-up. When you click on the menu button, it folds out into a well-organized site map with social icons and an integrated search bar. So convenient – and stylish! 

Overall impression: The Florida Dairy Farmer’s site is both bright and well-designed. We’re big fans of their colorful buttons and arrows, which guide you through the site. Different sections are also well-organized, so you aren’t overwhelmed.

Favorite feature: The all-green design. Let’s be real: this site is beautiful. With full-screen plant photos, green fonts and boxes, and nature-inspired icons, it’s a joy to look at. 

Overall impression: Despite its green-heavy design, this site feels clean. It’s easy to find the information you’re looking for. For example, we like how they include upcoming events and recent news on their homepage. The “Who We Are” page is also quite robust.

Favorite feature: Incredible cover photos. This family farm shows off its breathtaking views, giving the site a warm and personal feel. 

Overall impression: We’ve never seen a family farm with such a stunning site. We’re especially fond of their family-oriented messaging, including their funky fonts and in-depth “Our Roots” page.

Favorite feature: 360º virtual reality of the chicken experience. This is an amazing way to capture customer interest. You can see chickens at the hatchery, broiler farm and processing plant – from all angles! 

Overall impression: This site uses arrows, buttons and icons to great effect. The icons are especially cute, while helping to break up information. Overall, the site achieves a clean yet fun feel.

Favorite feature: Dynamic menu with images. There are so many options in the dynamic menu and yet the images make it attractive and less overwhelming. 

Overall impression: This site is packed with information, so thankfully it’s designed to easily convey it all. We like how they’ve used bars, buttons and image collages to contain the information into neat packages. Also, kudos for the floating newsletter sign-up!

Favorite feature: “Our Story” section. Right away, you’ll see the “Our Story” section on their homepage. It’s short and sweet – like the rest of their site. 

Overall impression: This site is minimalist, creating an easy and clean experience. We enjoy its simplicity. It’s got everything you need and nothing more.

Favorite feature: Donate banners. At the bottom of content pages, you’ll find donate banners with a striking photo, a reason to donate and an animated button.  

Overall impression: This is another site that’s full of information. It’s well-organized with robust content pages broken up with reports, updates, filters and lists. It doesn’t get much better than this. We’re also fans of the color scheme.

Favorite feature: The COVID protocol page. An attractive, easy-to-understand page that answers all your reopening questions. We love the infographic and the drop-down FAQ here.  

Overall impression: We admire the textures on this site, from the spinning elements, two-tone backgrounds and textured layouts. It gives great flavor to the site. We also like their “Our Story” section, which has a beautiful timeline scroll and vintage family photos.

Favorite feature: Homepage layout. The full-screen photo with text in the middle catches your attention immediately. 

Overall impression: Overall, this family farm site is lovely. We think the photo collage is a nice touch and the minimal text gives it a clean feel.

Favorite feature: Video intro banner. The introduction is charming and aligns with the FarmHer focus on multimedia.

Overall impression: We’re impressed by the multimedia-focused design, which prioritizes videos and podcasts. It’s clean yet full of great content to watch or listen to.

We hope these 10 amazing ag websites have inspired you. If you’re looking for info about agriculture apps as well, check out some trends here. In addition, you can learn more about website development on our blog.

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