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We live and breath mobile apps and websites here at Onsharp. We’re known for turning the craziest ideas into amazing mobile apps. This is challenging, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our work with mobile apps gives us a strong appreciation for an app with stellar design and an intuitive user experience. We especially love apps that solve life problems, or just offer a fun respite from our busy days.

We asked #TeamOnsharp to share their favorite mobile apps and why they loved them. Check out which ones made our top list:


Steve Gibbs
Application Developer

Amazon Kindle

“I like to read a lot.”
Apple Store | Google Play


“I also like to read graphic novels.”
Apple Store | Google Play


Benjamin Clark
Application Developer

Citi Mobile

“I just love the convenience of being able to manage my funds in, e.g., the checkout line at the store.”
Apple Store | Google Play


Megan McInroy
Content/Digital Marketing Specialist

Crossy Road

“It’s the classic ‘why did the chicken cross the road’ question, but but in app form. It’s a great way to kill time, and the sound effects are just delightful.”
Apple Store | Google Play


Sam Nies
Finance & HR Director


“I do all of my grocery shopping through my Instacart app, submit the order, pick up at my local grocery store, VOILA! I’ve saved SO much time on grocery shopping, which has been a total life change and stress reducer as a working mom with three littles.”
Apple Store | Google Play


Izzy Peterson
Website Project Coordinator

Marco Polo

“…quick easy video chats with friends on a log that keeps your video history. Easy and fun way to keep in touch with friends.”
Apple Store | Google Play


Ben Lamb
Media Specialist


“My favorite app of the moment would have to be the Mixer app. It’s an app (very similar to Twitch) that allows viewers to follow, subscribe to, and watch entertaining streamers that play video games, make art, or stream any other aspects of their lives, like cooking a meal in front of a live online audience. You can use Mixer on your phone, computer, or on an Xbox One. On top of that, Xbox makes it super easy to start your own stream so that you can show off your gaming skills to your friends and other Mixer viewers.”
Apple Store | Google Play


Austin Vanraden
Website Support Coordinator


“My favorite mobile app at the moment would be Snapchat. Being that I work in the downtown area, I come across many interesting people and odd events that I wish my friends could see. Instead of saying ‘Man, I wish you saw it’, I now say ‘Open your snap.'”
Apple Store | Google Play


Melvin Whitney
Client Success Manager


“It has tons of music and podcasts, so easily accessible. I can find old music videos that I grew up with.”
Apple Store | Google Play

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