We’re a team of quirky professionals. And we embrace that.

We have a diverse team, full of different expertise and experiences. And while we know how to get things done, we also know how to have fun. Get to know us – we think you’ll be glad you did.


The leadership team at #TeamOnsharp is the backbone of the organization, representing the company and guiding the rest of the team. Our diverse and active leaders bring various insights, experiences, and ideas to help manage and motivate the rest of the team.


Experience. Innovation. Creativity. The Development team members at #TeamOnsharp are leaders in the industry with valuable insight on app and web development. Their innovative minds and creative eyes help create the best possible result for each project.

Digital Marketing

Always buzzing with new and creative ideas, the Digital Marketing team is passionate about social media strategies, trends, and analytics. With deep knowledge of what works, the team is dedicated to providing services, recommendations, and solutions that can’t be matched.

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