6 Things to Add to Your July Content Calendar

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June 15, 2018
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June 29, 2018

For me, July marks the half-way point of summer and is one of my favorite months. July is full of activity at the beginning of the month, with the 4th of July, and stays busy with all sorts of fun summer activities.

At Onsharp, we believe one of the best ways to build connections with current and prospective customers is by posting content worth sharing. This is why we’ve handpicked 6 content ideas that you can make your own to fit your business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, emails and other marketing channels. Use these ideas as a starting point to add a few new things to your content calendar this July!

1. 4th of July (July 4)

It’s America’s favorite holiday, and it’s time to get patriotic!

  • Anything that incorporates red, white and blue is fair game
  • Share local 4th of July happenings like fireworks shows and parades that your community might want to participate in
  • Let your audience in on your favorite holiday treat or recipe
  • Give advice for people traveling during the holiday
  • Share an important moment in American history
  • Use the hashtags #4thofJuly and #IndependenceDay when posting to contribute to the greater conversations happening on social media

2. Tell the Truth Day (July 7)

Embrace the most honest day of the year.

  • Share some good, honest advice
  • Debunk common myths about your industry or product/services; these could be serious or funny
  • Have employees share two lies and one truth and ask your audience which they believe is true
  • Make a promise to customers that you’ll honor for the day, month, or even all year

3. Red River Valley Fair (July 10-15)

Get ready! The Red River Valley Fair takes place during the second week of July. Use one of these ideas to engage in the local conversation:

  • Share the countdown to the fair on the Red River Valley Fair’s website
  • Use the event hashtags #RRVF and #CraveTheFun
  • Review your favorite foods, shows or rides
  • Ask your community what they are most looking forward to at the fair
  • Give away free tickets or food tickets to followers through a contest or for answering a question

4. Embrace your Geekness day (July 13)

What do you geek out about? July 13th is the day to talk about your passions and what makes you a geek in a fun way.

  • Embrace what makes your business or organization unique by posting photos of funny interests
  • Give out a biggest geek award
  • Share an article or interesting video that made you “geek out”

5. Friday the 13th (July 13)

Friday the 13th only happens twice in 2018, and the second lucky (or unlucky depending on how you spin it) day in 2018 happens in July.

  • Create a blog or social post to share fun superstitions
  • Encourage conversation with your followers by asking what their biggest superstitions are
  • Offer a deal or promotion to boost your customer’s luck

6. Street Fair (July 19-21)

The Downtown Fargo Street Fair takes over downtown Fargo July 19-21, as North Dakota’s largest free outdoor event. Here are some fun ways to participate in the excitement:

  • If you make it to the street fair, post photos of your participation
  • If you’re located downtown, encourage people to cool down in your store
  • Offer a special deal or promotion in honor of the Street Fair and promote it using #FargoStreetFair
  • Share why you love being a part of the Fargo community by adding to the #ilovefargo hashtag

What other items do you have on your content calendar this month? Let us know by tweeting at #TeamOnsharp! And be sure to check back next month to see ideas for August’s content calendar.