Top 5 Ways to Use Hashtags like a Marketing Rock Star

Hashtags are being used all sorts of different ways on the internet, but how many of these hashtags are actually serving a purpose. There are situations where hashtags can make a huge impact and really jump start a campaign.  Check out the top 5 opportunities for hashtag usage.

hashtag rockstar


Social media can be great for holding contests or announcing specific promotions. To make better use of hashtags in promotions, try creating a hashtag for each campaign or contest so that you can better organize and monitor the conversations.

Do you have a new product you would like to announce?  Create a specific hashtag to allow your fans and customers to talk about it and share the news with their friends. Hashtag contests are becoming more popular by the minute. This is because you can use them across multiple mediums such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


Many industries and businesses have seen success through chats designated by hashtags. By using hashtags on Twitter, many people have hosted classes and discussions on topics where they specialize in. For example, #SocialMedia is used to discuss social media with industry leaders who moderate weekly conversations every Tuesday at 12pm EST. Sharing your knowledge on a specific topic by tagging your posts with a popular industry hashtag will help recognize you as an industry leader and build trust in potential customers.


Event specific hashtags can be used before, during and after an event to help create buzz and give participants and those involved a place to share their experiences. Promote the event specifics and increase the hype by tagging related posts with an event specific hashtags. During the event, encourage attendees to talk about the event on their personal social media accounts and to include the same hashtag. When all is said and done, post about the success of the event. This will help share news about the event with people at the event, but also their followers and friends, as well.


The media's use of Hashtags is becoming more prominent. Take for example #BostonBomber, a hashtag that was created and used to discuss and release news updates on the bombers responsible for the Boston marathon tragedy. Or, more recently, #Arizona19, to honor the 19 firefighters that passed away in the Arizona wildfires this year. Be wary, though. It is important to remember that all tweets using these hashtags are not legitimate news sources.


Using hashtags to convey a stance on a current topic or bring awareness to something you feel is a major issue today is now commonly done with the use of hashtags. In the same way of using a hashtag to categorize your knowledge, you can also categorize your opinion. A recently popular advocacy hashtag is used frequently on Instgram: #Litterati. Did you ever think that image of trash could be eye catching? Take a few minutes to check out the images posted by user with this hashtag. Everyone knows there is litter all around us, but we never take a moment to really think about it. Another example would be #MarriageEquality, used to discuss the controversial topic of same sex marriage. While heavily used during the Supreme Court's decision making on the topic, it is still used discuss views on the topic. 


Catherine Hanson
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